Setup your video selfie kit

Coronavirus and mandatory remote work has many of us flocking to video to connect with employees, customers, and stakeholders. Capturing professional-looking video from home for live or recorded video is possible with a few tools and tricks. Follow these steps to set up your remote video selfie kit.

Unbox your supplies

  • USB brick plug
  • Headphone jack adapter
  • Tripod with LED light and phone holder
  • Lavalier microphone
  • (You'll also receive a remote clicker as an alternative way to start and stop recording - we don't typically use it!)

Choose your environment

Pick a location with some space behind you. 10 feet of background depth is great, if you have it. Visible decor is a plus and plants are always photogenic.

Avoid sitting with a flat wall or window directly at your back.

Get your lighting right

Natural, indirect light coming from behind the camera is best. We repeat, don't sit with a window behind you!

If your light is bright and casting hard highlights, diffuse it by partially closing the shades or blinds.

If the lighting is bright enough to read, turn off overhead lights and lamps, which are typically yellow-toned and will clash with cooler natural light.

Your LED ring light (on the tripod) will point towards you. And if you wear glasses, remove them or turn the light down to minimize glare.

Assemble the tripod

  • Stand up the tripod base
  • Assemble the three pieces of phone holder by taking popping the round ball-shaped end of the all-black piece (it should already have the nut on it) into the socket of the red and black phone holder, then screwing on the nut to tighten.
  • Attach the phone holder to the tripod so that it will hold your phone at eye-level height.
  • Screw the LED light on to the top of the tripod

Plug in and adjust the LED ring light

Plug in the light using the USB brick, and use the remote to adjust the brightness and color temperature. Press the arrows button to change the color; if you're using natural light, find its coolest setting.

Attach your phone to the tripod

Place your phone in the tripod, horizontally, with the screen facing you so you can view your framing and easily start and stop recording. You'll stretch the phone holder first, place your phone in it, then let the holder grip your phone tightly.

Mic yourself up

Attach the mic to your phone. If you've got an iPhone, you'll use the dongle, officially known as a lighting port to 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter. String the mic under your shirt (so the cord isn't showing on camera) and attach it to your collar or jacket lapel.

Frame your shot

Your phone camera should be at eye level. Use the "rule of thirds" to frame your position on screen, so you're slightly off center with your head near the top of the frame.

Ready, set, record (or go live)

For best quality recordings, our recommended camera settings (on an iphone, find them within the video camera on the top right) are 4k and 30 fps. Note this does take up a lot of storage.

If you're using your kit for a live presentation or meeting using Zoom and want to view your audience members on your computer, check out these two-device setup instructions.

Be careful not to bump into your surface, which will shake your tripod and footage.

Need help with your videos?

We're on call to assist with setup when you need it. We can also edit and brand your footage. Email us at